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Lecture 3

EDP 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Invisible Disability, Umbrella Term, Visual ImpairmentPremium

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Educational Psychology
Course Code
EDP 256
Johnson Ashley

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Disability in Society
Disability: no agreed upon definition: a condition or function judged to
be significantly impaired relative to the usual standard of an individual
or group. The term is used to refer to an individual functioning,
including physical, cognitive or sensory impairment or types of
chronic disease
Umbrella term covering impairments and activity limitations
Impairment: problem in the body function and structure
Activity limitation
12.6% of non-institutionalized reported a disability in 2013(all
10% of the population in the US have an invisible disability
Media portrays people with disabilities in many ways
Disney movies: Captain Hook seen as a villain
People can be seen as a source of inspiration: overcoming the
I’m Not Your Inspiration(TED Talk)
Many people have only experienced disabled people for objects
of inspiration...there to inspire others, not really
To live with disability makes you exceptional, WRONG
Using disabled people as inspiration objectifies disabled people
to motivate able bodied people(my life may be bad but it could
be worse, I could be that disabled person)
More disabled by society, rather than their body or diagnoses
Disability is not the exception, it's the norm….that’s her ideal
Society has low expectations for disabled people and that
shouldn’t be the case
What is Special Education?
The Individuals with Disabilities Act(IDEA) was designed to
support needs for students with disabilities. IDEA has been
instrumental in ensuring students with disabilities receive free
appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment
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