EDT 265 Lecture 1: Beginning of education

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12 Mar 2017
U.S. Schooling History
The Colonies
In the 1600s: early colonial education began at home
Schooling was all about Puritan values; very formal and religious
Dame schools: run by women in their homes and children’s parents paid for their
child to attend
Latin Grammar Schools: first opened in 1635 and were more for the upper social
Studied Greek and Latin
Harvard grew out of one of these grammar schools
1647: Old Deluder Satan Act: every town of at least 50 households must
hire a teacher to teach reading and writing
Every 100 households needed a grammar school
Wanted children to read the bible to banish Satan
New Nation
1700s: effort to consolidate schools and make education a requirement
Land Ordinance Act: set aside land for the development of school buildings in
The Academy
Thomas Jefferson: believed education was necessary for democracy(No cost
Benjamin Franklin: advocate for public libraries...wanted everyone to have equal
access to education
1751: established The Academy which was a private school for gifted
Open for boys and girls
Offered electives and required courses
Each student had a curriculum geared to their own needs
Rise of the Common School
Citizens should be informed and education should allow citizens to succeed
based on hard work, skills, and dedication
Tax supported, free public schools
Horace Mann: father of the common school...wanted everyone to
have a basic knowledge
Parochial School: helped continue catholic ideals
1963: Supreme court ruled prayers and bible readings can no longer be allowed
in public schools
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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