EDT 265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Programme For International Student Assessment, Matura, Hagwon

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12 Mar 2017
The Pressure Cooker
Issues with American schools
Middle schools: new approach to education for children aged between 11-
Team structure
Small groups, move with the same teachers
Work on sense of self-worth
Work on social well-being
Graduation tests: OGT is a joke
SAT and ACT determine college aptitude
Lawmakers are afraid if they make graduation tests too hard that
their students won't pass them
Parental involvement: they are involved when it comes to sports and less
when it comes to academics
College loans and cost of college
Korean Schools
Many kids spend almost all day in school: a public school or a hagwon
Hagwon are after-school study programs
Many kids fall asleep in their public school classes because they are up all night
at the cram schools
Cleaning the schools---> used to teach kids respect, responsibility, and team
Rankings in Korean schools are public: everyone knows who the top student was
Change to the school system: look at more than just academics and undermine
public schools
35% of education funding comes from the parents
Polish Schools
Success is failure after failure without losing enthusiasm
Problem centered learning
Give students problems and allow them to solve it
Didn’t matter how they solved it, but that they did solve it
Problems v. Exercises
Problems are real life issues and solutions
Exercises are things you can apply a skill too
4 reforms
New core curriculum
Stricter testing regiment
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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