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Michigan State University
Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

The Influences of AgricultureEnvironmental Factors on Demand for Food Food ProductionSupplyFactors Involved1Demand for food2Increased food productionDemand for FoodInfluenced bya Population and population growth Prediction 35 billion more people in world by 2032Poverty food disease nonrenewable resources environmental concerns Ethnic diversity regional differences household size age marital status education b Urbanization CitiesFood access and distribution problems oChoice of foods processed vs fresh animal foods expensive oPoor food storage facilities Some people dont have refrigerators to store fresher foods demand processed foodsoIncome oWater and disease esp in developing countries and intercity areas c Food losseswastagespoilagePrice of food laws of supply and demand eg oranges and lemon recently limes in MexicoBiotechnology controlled ripening and storage of fruits and vegetables Preservatives packaging transport Largest percentage of waste with meat and dairy productsIgnorance a major factor d High animal protein dietsNeed grains for feed Inefficient utilization of cerealse Time and MoneyLess time in kitchen more women working outside of home MicrowaveConvenience take out fast food homedelivered meals Price and income both impt For pattern of eatingEg WWII oWartime 194050 Rationing and availability primary determining factor for food choiceoPost war 195060 More plentiful supplies better living standards more cheese meats salads processed foods rice coffeeLess canned meat tea potatoes dried beanswhite breado196070 Prices more important o197080 Price instability drought 7576 butter and margarine price increases o1980s to present More emphasis on healthier foods eg Low fat milk low fat meats more poultry lower butter consumption because cows are herbivores
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