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PLS100 lecture 4

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Chapter 4: Civil Rights Rights vs. Liberties *”Civil rights” -Things protected by government power; what government secures on behalf of citizens -Ex. right to vote, protection from discrimination *”Civil liberties” -Protections from government power -Ex. freedom of religion, free speech Black Civil Rights *Slavery and racism *At stake: -Right to citizenship -Right to vote -Equal protection -Educational equality -Safeguards against oppression Slavery *Height of slavery: 1808-1865 *Wilmot Proviso *Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) -slaves are property, can’t interfere with someone’s right to their own property *Lincoln & Civil War *Tyranny of the majority of the states Reconstruction *Reconstruction: 1865-1877 *Civil War Amendments -13th (emancipation) -14th (citizenship) -15th (right to vote) *Failure of Reconstruction Jim Crow Era (1877-1933) *Jim Crow laws: state laws that were ‘legal’ but segregated and disadvantaged AA’s -White primary elections -Poll taxes -Literacy tests -Grandfather clauses (exempt from clauses if your grandfather could vote before Civil War) -Segregation *Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) -“Separate but equal” laws are constitutional under 14th amendment Democratic Sponsorship *Great Depression *FDR’s New Deal *Truman co
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