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University of Missouri - Columbia

Mian’s review questions What are the two most abundant elements in crustal rocks? A. Potassum and Sodium  B. Calsum and Aluminum  C. Copper and Iron D. Silicon and Oxygen Answer=D Why can mica easily be split into thin sheets? Mica has a sheet silicate structure ­What are mass wasting? Why do we care? What triggers mass wasting? How?How do  geologists classify mass wasting? How do a slide differ from a slump? How did creep happen?What happens in solifluction? •  How is water distributed on Earth? •  What is the hydrological cycle? What are the major paths for water transport in the hydrological cycle? •  How would stream velocity vary with the gradient and the geometry of the channel? How is it related to the discharge? how would the base level affect stream erosion and deposition? •  How do streams carry their loads? •  What are the depositional features of streams? •  What are the main stream landforms? How do they form? •  What are the drainage basins? What controls their patterns? • What’s groundwater? Why is it important? • How is water distributed with depth in the subsurface (groundwater profile)? What is the water table? How is the water table related to streams? • How is groundwater flow related to the hydraulic gradient? • How are porosity and permeability related to groundwater flow? • How do springs and geysers form? •  What happens when groundwater is overdrawn? What are the major problems with that? •  How do groundwater flow in confined aquifers? •  What is the Karst terrain? What is the cause of the Karst landforms? • What are glaciers? How are glacier ice formed? Why are glaciation important? • What are the basic types of glaciers? How do glaciers move? • What are the glacier budget? What happens when glacier wastage is greater than glacier accumulation? • How do glaciers erode the Earth’s surface? What are the major landforms formed by glacier erosion? • What are the glacier drifts? How can we tell the deposits are glacier till? • What are the main landforms formed by glacier deposition? • What is the ice age? What happens during the ice age? • How do we know that the glaciation reached the northern part of USA during the last ice age? • What are the major causes of glaciation? •  Where are the dry lands? Why? •  How do weathering and running wate
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