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Lecture 3

HA 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Storey, Fax

Hospitality Administration
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HA 210

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HA210 Chapter 3 Notes
The Organizational Structure
The General Manager (GM)
a. The “boss” of an individual hotel
b. Responsible for everything in the hotel
c. Supervises and controls all the departments
d. And employee, responsible to the owner (Exhibit 3-1)
From Host to Executive
a. Was “Mine Host” interacting with guests
b. GM was the “Face” and “Soul” of the hotel
c. Long tenure of GM in a property, so knew the guests
d. Now an Executive dealing with business issues
e. Barely sees the guest or most employees (Exhibit 3-2)
f. Average tenure in a given hotel is relatively short
Role of Support Departments is increasing
a. Legal, Human Resources, Technology (MIS), marketing, issues
b. Understanding of business issues is critical
Food & Beverage Department
a. Deals with: Production of service of food and beverages
b. Needs to work in close coordination with F.O
c. Headed by Food & Beverage Manager
d. Service and production are two sub-departments
e. Service supervises restaurant, banquet and bar managers
f. Food production is headed by a “chef”
Hotel Manager/Resident Manager/ House Manager/Rooms Division Manager/ Guest
Services Manager
a. Responsible for all operating departments except food and beverages
b. Reports to GM
c. Career stepping stone to GM
d. Job description (Exhibit 3-6)
Housekeeping Department (HK)
a. Responsible for general cleanliness of guestrooms, corridors and public spaces
b. Headed by Executive Housekeeper (EHK)
c. Coordination between FO and HK is essential
d. HK handles linen, uniforms, laundry, lost & found
Security Department
a. Deals with: Safety, fire control & prevention, loss-control, accidents, death,
suicides, crimes, scams, drunks, prostitutes, drugs etc.,
b. Serves as deterrent, then restraint, rarely as police force
c. Should be an iron hand in a velvet glove
d. Now high-priority and extensively staffed
i. Liability issues
ii. Increased crime in hotels
iii. Provision of electronic locks, in-room safes, better lighting
iv. Improvements driven by insurance costs and P.R. issues
v. Security Checklist: Exhibit 3-5
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