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Lecture 17

MUSC 1101 Lecture 17: Scoring the Experience

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MUSC 1101

Scoring the Experience Super bowl is the one game that has the least to do with football Purpose to entertain everyone else too Make it feel less like a sporting event Helps meet business goalsads are very expensive NFL charges networks higher licensing fees for the game Marketing and the promise of a spectacle Gets a broad range of viewers engaged until they see how it EndsFred Gaudelli o Sounds bring the game to life Theme songs for each station Sounds before and after commercialskeep engaged Dont have to understand it to feel its power Music is a powerful TriggerKumar Key moments of music are setting expectations and telling you whats at stake Super bowl fanfare tells you the game is starting again Music highlights and elevates the moments that build on the Super Bowl legacyso you feel them as they happen Music plays an important role in implanting ideas in peoples minds Wide receiver composed by John Williams who also scored Star Wars, jaws, close encounters NBC want to retain original but also modernize the style and extend the theme Emotions that go along with the plays are what are important Emotionally moving sounds have to fit in 315 second spaces during the broadcast Power of music, memory, and emotion Hyman o Songs that are distinctively associated with a time period or a series of events can act as wonderful memory cues to both bring to mind those memories and then to also bring to mind not only the emotion experience of the time but that sense of nostalgia Change theme to the new generations Dont get much notice to write music Different sounds prepared for different events No one network owns the entire history of the super bowl, they take turns licensing the broadcasts rights Williams puts emphasis on horn players Williams adept at translationhe internalize the storytelling demands of the client and also processes the language to determine the underlying emotion then he translates the emotion into the language of an orchestra Morrisontrumpet solo Sounds used for transitions Disneymusic everywhere even if dont realize it, speakers designed into the landscape o Vibe is heritage and familiarty
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