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PT 5131
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Thigh Other Structures Pes Anserinus • Located on the medial surface of tibia on superior shaft • “Gooses Foot” • Distal attachment of 3 muscles: Gracilis, Semitendinosus, Sartorius • Pes Anserine Bursa: sits deep to Pes Anserinus o Can sometimes become inflamed, becoming tender to palpation • Helps add stability to medial side of knee when knee extended, especially during stance Femoral Triangle • Area on superior surface of thigh o Made up of Inguinal Ligament, Adductor Longus, Sartorius • Palpable depression containing Femoral Pulse of Femoral Artery • Contains (lateral [1] medial[3]): 1. Femoral Nerve 2. Femoral Artery 3. Femoral Vein • Inguinal and Femoral Lymph Nodes: located just medial to vein o Able to be palpated o Bring lymph back from lower extremity • Artery, Vein, and empty space are ensheathed by Femoral Sheath o Empty space allows for expansion and relaxation of vein, depending on blood flow needs • Looking laterally to medially we see (NAVEL): Nerve, Artery, Vein, Empty space, Lymph nodes • Great Saphenous Vein: merges into Femoral Vein • Iliopsoas Tendon: located on floor of Femoral Triangle o Iliacus and Psoas Major • Pectineus: located on floor of Femoral Triangle Adductor Canal • Adductor Hiatus: opening in distal tendon of Adductor Magnus o End of Adductor Canal o Delineation of Femoral to Popliteal name change • Adductor Canal: region under Sartorius o Sits between Vastus Medialis and Adductor Longus o Covered by small sheath o Contains: Femoral Artery, Femoral Vein, and Saphenous Nerve  Saphenous nerve is branch off of femoral nerve  All 3 run through canal, but only Femoral Artery and Femoral Vein go through hiatus at the end of the canal • After running through Adductor Hiatus, Femoral Artery and Vein change names to Popliteal Artery and Vein • Saphenous Nerve continues, instead, down skin of medial leg (knee to foot) and supplies cutaneous innervation for leg Popliteal Fossa • Diamond shaped area located on backside of knee • Borders: o Heads of Gastrocnemius o Biceps Femoris o Semimembranosus and Semitendinosus • Contains: o Popliteal Artery  Deeper than vein  Sits right up against Femur • Distal fractures of Femur can lacerate Popliteal Artery  Extra pressure put on Popliteal Artery when we lock our knees o Popliteal Vein o Sciatic Nerve, as it begins to split into Tibial Nerve and Common Peroneal Nerve • Small Saphenous Vein: drains into Popliteal Vein o Travels up posterior side of calf • Sural Nerve: merger of branch from Tibial Nerve and Common Peroneal Nerve o Supplies lateral portion of lower, posterior leg Arteries of Thigh • External Iliac Artery: changes names to Femoral Artery once it crosses underneath Inguinal Ligament • Femoral Artery o Branches into Deep Femoral Artery after crossing under Inguinal Ligament and changing names from External Iliac Artery o Deep Femoral Artery: sligh
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