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Lecture 15

Drugs & Society- Lecture 15 Notes (3.26.14)

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SOCL 1295
Lisa Ferruccio

Lecture 15 1/15/14 11:48 AM Merida Initiative/Plan Mexico Points to issues regarding: • Narcocentric o Unofficial- ▯ Consumer demand ▯ U.S. providing money ▯ Weapons o Official- ▯ Extradition of cartel members ▯ U.S. aid to Mexico ▯ Border Security • National Sovereignty o Corruption (police, politicians working for drug force) ▯ Money, intimidation ▯ Cartel has political influence ▯ Plan Mexico- heavily U.S. influenced ▯ Border security/checks • Mexico’s Critique of U.S. o Gun laws o $ demand • U.S.’s Critique of Mexico o Supply (drugs) o Corruption/inabilities to handle situation o Mexican gangs • What happens when drug economy/drug cartel is more powerful than the government? • What is the critique of the role of U.S. in drug war? • Would legalization or decriminalization help this situation? Drug Policy Alternatives 1. Prohibition (current policy)- will be on quiz! • Criminalization, punitive Proposals 1. Legalization: A policy permitting the possession and sale of drugs under a government licensing system; similar to that controlling the distribution of alcohol and/or cigarettes • Taxed, age requirements, etc. • The government would control issues such as drug advertising, and determine who may sell drugs and in what sort of establishment, who is permitted to manufacture them, where and under what circumstances they may be used • Many critics and observers argue that the system of prohibition (criminalization) that currently prevails in the U.S. doesn’t work and is counterproductive (critique of WOD) Building the case • In their critiques of current policies legalizers make the following ten point
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