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Lecture 7

BIOL 3600 Lecture 7: SET 7

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Nova Southeastern University
BIOL 3600
Smith Robert

SET 7 Sutton and Boveri united the fields of cytology and genetics Sutton stated that there are many more unit factors than there are chromosomes certain genes segregate as if they were linked and are part of the same chromosomes, thus being inherited as a single unit (linked) During what phase of the cell cycle do synapsed chromosomes reciprocally exchange segments which reshuffles alleles between homologs? During Meiosis I Prophase I The frequency of crossing over is proportional to the distance between them the crossover frequency in is defined as a linkage map unit = 1 cM = 1 centiMorgan Genes assort independently if they are on different chromosomes, but show _____ if they are on the SAME chromosome linkage Independent assortment two genes on two different homologous pairs of chromosomes four genetically different gametes, each containing a different combination of alleles and are all formed in equal proportions In genes linked on the same chromosome, where no crossing over occurs, what is produced? only two genetically different gametes are produced complete linkage produces parental or noncrossover gametes in equal proportions
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