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New York University
Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food Theory I: Mentalism vs. Materialism 2/12/13 Mentalist: Douglas -ideas -theory -abstract -existential -philosophical -religion/faith -symbols, signs Materialist Harris -concrete -history -factual -geography -evidence -tangible -technology -science: biological -climate If materialists predict the future: most people predicting the future are based from the past Faith: believing in something / doesn’t have to be tangible: mentalist Religion is more mentalist because it is about faith Nutrition: is a bit of both The sun Factual/material: ball of gas, heat Symbol/mental: life, Apollo(mythology) Paradigmatic- contrast (black and white) Syntaxmatic – order is important Mary Douglas:structuralism Trying to find meaning in things Swim, fly, walk Swim: animals that behave differently: in the water: that don’t swim(ex: lobsters), Fly: in the air: act like animals that walk(ex: birds of prey, hawk), Walk: supposed to walk on four legs (ex that don’t: ostrich) _Seeing something you don’t understand / for the first time (Different) Fear, anxiety, the unknown = something that is impure (according to Douglas) Argument: early Hebrew ate certain things because they were safe And avoided the impure Scary when seeing for the first time Scary becomes dangerous Early was scary to them Douglas trying to find a universal truth: culture is defined
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