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Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food and Identity Food as a Symbol or Cultural Icon May 7th, 2013 Covered Readings: Neustadt, Kathy, "Born Among the Shells": The Quakers of Allen's Neck and Their Clambake” (WEB) Lewis, George H., “The Maine Lobster as Regional Icon: Competing Images Over Time and Social Class” (WEB) I. Icon: Historical or Popular II. Folk food Outlets III. Temporal Nature  In food studies, it is impossible to think of or be with food without considering their special meanings/symbolism.  First icons were religious: rainbow, snake, cross, fish, wine, communion wafer  An icon- representation of something well-known/widely accepted o An I-phone can represent consumerism, capitalism, globalization, communication o French icons- baguettes, wine, escargot o Gilroy, CA- "garlic capital of the world" festival around garlic.  Source of pride, bring community together, attract outsiders, tourism, raise economy, use food as a vehicle to spread ideals (similar to Hare Krishna and Prasadam)  Icons can be determined by insiders and outsiders. Neustadt  Neustadt-folklorist. Writes on the Quakers in Allens Neck and the Clambake tradition which is passed from generation to generation.  Allens Neck normally has a small Quaker population (~20 active members). Their existence is threatened.  Have the clambake every third Thurs. in August. This cyclical nature promotes continuity, solidarity, and remembrance similar to Thanksgiving.  People at clambake include inner circle, family that moved away, and curious outsiders/vacationers- culinary tourists/imperialists o One might argue that food is turned into a spectacle, commercialized product similar to Lardo. There is a tension between financial b
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