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New York University
Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food Avoidance and Food Aversion- Why is fat wrong? Tuesday April 23rd, 2013 I. Related readings- Massara, Brunberg II. Food Avoidance and Gender  Food avoidance here is more cultural, look at disordered feelings/relationships with food  Food avoidance is thought of as a problem for white, female Americans.  Reinforced media images, Barbie dolls perpetuate an ideal image. o This ideal is subject to change: during the Depression, skinny bodies were associated with poverty and hunger- far from attractive. Mead is a cultural anthropologist who originally studied Samoan young women.  Question of why we have social norms/moral imperatives about bodies not our own.  There is a mainstream belief that fat people lack control, responsibility, and care for their health/well-being, and strong moral values. This is similar to the perception of the poor. o Fat candidates for president, jobs, etc. may be discriminated and attached with social stigmas. o Fat people are excluded and looked down upon; they are not a protected class like the disabled or handicapped.  Anorexics are usually driven by low self-esteem
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