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Lecture 12

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Darius Iii, Phalanx, Hellenistic Period

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1. Greek Poetry and Drama (Chapter 5 Section 4)
a. Greek Tragedies and Comedies
Tragedy: A play which told a story of human suffering, which ends in
Comedy: A humorous which mocks people and customs
b. The Writing of History with Thucydides and Herodotus
Thucydides: A man who wrote about the Peloponnesian War and
stressed the need to avoid bias
Herodotus: An ancient Greek historian who wrote The Persian War. He
stressed the importance of research
2. Alexander and the Hellenistic Age (Chapter 5 Section 5)
a. Where is Macedonia located in relation to Athens?
Athens is to the south of Macedonia
Macedonia would mostly have threats from the land
b. King Philip II of Macedonia
b.i. King Philip and the reunion of Greece
At the Battle of Chaeronea, he defeated Athens and Thebes
He also had Macedonians marry gov’t people of other city-
states to form alliance
c. Alexander and his conquering of the Persian Empire
Since Phillip got all of Greece, Alexander had lots of troops to fight
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