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Lecture 15

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Peloponnesian League, Ostracism, Direct Democracy

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a. Athens under Pericles during their “Golden Age”
a.i. Pericles and his reforms
a.i.1. Direct democracy: ALL CITIZENS vote on every law
a.i.2. Stipend: A payment to the people to hold public office
This made poor men able to be in office because they
would still make $ even though they’re away from the
a.i.3. Jury: Hundreds or thousands of people would be
The jurors were men over 30 picked randomly
a.i.4. Ostracism: The penalty for a crime
It meant the person would have to live outside of Athens
for 10 years
People would vote on if someone was ostracized
a.i.5. Funeral Oration
Thucydides wrote it down
It was a speech of Pericles where he praises democracy
He talks about everyone having a duty to vote and
comply with democracy
b. Peloponnesian War
b.i. Who fought in this war?
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