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HIST UA 651- Puritans Notes

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Jonathan Zimmerman

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the puritans came to america to escape freedomindustrial rev in britaingeographic love social economic mobilityless church goingAnglicanismretained a lot of catholic traits compared to other protestant faithscame to create a new society that was highly coercive unfreecame to find freedom to create a coercive societypuritans wanted to purify society and the church from catholic elementsonly wanted to follow the bible dont need a church pope priest etc wanted direct connection with godtook bible very literallychildren must be restrained and given no will of their owncannot affect gods mind or what he doeswant his grace how do you get itprepare yourself just in case you get itconstantly looked within themselves to try to figure out if they were savedthis is where the controversy in puritans lay conflict over if leaders were actually godlyPuritans were not against sex were prosex just as long as you were marriedCatholics condemned carnal desires while puritans believed that marriage was a sexual actsexual desire is not a sin but a duty and a positive thingpoint of sex is to reproducewomen co
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