COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Attitude Change

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Lecture Six
Social Judgement Theory
You never really look at anything with fresh eyes
Emphasizes that receivers do not evaluate a message purely on the merits of the arguments
People compare the advocated position with attitudes
Latitudes- our evaluations
Most acceptable
Non commit
Not acceptable
Humans try to make sense of stimuli by comparing what they perceive to what they know
Attitudinal anchor- position on a particular issue that a person finds most acceptable
Our attitudes anchor influences how we evaluate persuasive messages
1. Acceptable- accepts
2. rejection- objects
3. noncommit- do not know, ambivalent
Non commital are the easiest to persuade, rejectors might be too hard
If you have strong views on a subject than you have a large latitude
Assimilation- pull messages in/ widen your acceptance toward their own attitudes based on
where it is from
Contrast- individuals push away some messages because of where the message is from
Attitude change- the function of the discrepancy of the message from your preferred position
Message judged as fitting in a latitude of acceptance
Little by little until message falls out of the latitude of acceptance
Message judged as in latitude of rejection
Boomerang effect- attitude change in the opposite direction of what the message advocates
Discrepancy then decrease attitude change
Ego- involvement
Perso’s oitet to a issue is related to a perso’s self oept ad self estee
Reduces our latitude of acceptance
We have a small bubble of acceptance and a huge latitude of rejection
The etet to hih a issue is etral to a idiidual’s life
High ego: involvement= extreme anchor
Messages are more likely to get distorted
Biological Approaches
Impossible to separate mind from the body
fMRI techolog lights up areas of the rai
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