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Lecture 10

ENGR 1281.01H Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, Sally Ride

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ENGR 1281.01H
Freuler Rick

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Lecture 10
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
12:59 PM
Defining Ethics
Ethics- synonyms for "morally correct"
Particular beliefs or attitudes concerning morality
Area of study or inquiring of understanding moral values
What are moral values? Morality?
Concerns right and wrong, good and bad
Morality about reasons that concerns others
How are ethics and law related?
Legal and ethical
Illegal and unethical
Legal and unethical
Illegal and ethical
Responses can be judged on whether the response:
Addresses each of the issues and points of ethical conflict presented
Considers each interested party's legitimate expectations
Recognizes the consequences
Engineering Ethics
Why is it important of an engineer
oWe create objects and design objects
Balconies that fall
Cars that crash
What resources are available?
oRequired 3 hour course
Example: The Challenger Explosion
Mission 51 - NASA January 28, 1986
Studies had shown O-Rings to shrink
There was a direct correlation with temperature
There was a cold snap in Florida
Engineers warned management
Management ignored them and launched anyways
Each delay costs millions of dollars
First teacher was on board- Sally Ride
Ronald Reagan pushed launch
Rocket exploded
Engineering Ethics
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Character traits
Social policies
Relationships desirable from individuals and corporations
Codes of Ethics
Some organizations have addressed moral issues by developing codes of ethics
Roles of Codes
Shared Standards
Deterrence and discipline
Professional image
Guidance concerning obligations
Positive support to act ethically
Nurses at 85
Engineering at 50-60
Congressmen at 8
Lobbyists at 7
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