ECO 321 Lecture 4: Rise and Fall of World Empires 4

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6 Feb 2017

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RAFOWE 4 2/2/17
Usually, history works in a cycle.
o In that situation, now that the West is declining, the East should be rising, as it
was in the beginning of civilization
o The thing is, the East is now declining as well.
o Who kos hat’s goig to happe now?
The first major empire (3500 BCE 760 BCE)
o Advanced agriculture
o Social and political hierarchies
o Advanced technology
What causes the rise of the Egyptian empire?
o The Nile
It provided water
Was used for irrigation, so it helped grow food
Engineers built enormous canals that could be used for transporting
goods and people the first trade ports
o Religion
Divineness of the Pharaohs being linked to the gods, which made people
want to worship and follow them
Extreme subject loyalty
o Capturing territory
Populations are growing in the major cities, so they need to get more
This makes them try to get more territory from neighbouring lands
What influences them?
o The will of their Pharaohs
o Need of new resources
o Need to have structures that represent power
Tombs and Pyramids
Symbols of power
Where did they get their culture and their religion?
o From the Pharaohs
Do the same characteristics come up again?
Engineering an Empire
o 3000 BC A huge flood wipes out low-lying villages as it fills up the Nile
o Mephis: Egpt’s first Capital Cit
Survived the great flood because of a barrier built around the city, the
first complete dam in history
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find more resources at
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