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Pennsylvania State University
African Studies
AFR 110
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 03/15/13 Class 22 Why are we marrying later? – Birth control – Economy – Divorce culture (for people who don't have Jesus as the center of their relationship) – Cultural values High faith in marriage – 2/3 of divorced women will eventually re-marry – 2/3 of these women will cohabit first – Many divorced women marry within 5 years of separation – 58% of white women – 44% of hispanic women – 32% of black women Part 2 – Marriage as a legal and religious arrangement For most of history, marriage was for: – Gaining land / property – Combining families – Economic or political alliance – The more money / assets the people had, the more the reason was for that – If you had less money / were poor, people married to survive – Back in the day people had to make and produce everything themselves, food / clothing,
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