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African Studies
AFR 110
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 02/27/13 Class 19 Cohabitation – Two unmarried adults in a sexual relationship sharing the same household – Alot of times the situation is not clearly defined – Both the man and woman don't have the same ideas about whats going to happen in the future 1) Fun Facts 2) Why do it? 3) How does it affect marriage and divorce? Fun Facts – Cohabitation has always existed – Was first done by people that were very poor – Early 1970's moves into middle class (by hippies) – The hippies brought cohabitation into the US culture (hippies question the rules of society) – College students are the ones that normally push toward societal changes because the older generation is entrenched in their ways already How many? – In early 2000's, 60% of women in their 30's have cohabited at least once – Census 2007: 6.4 million households cohabiting – Early 2000's, 62% of marriages begin as cohabitation Gay and Lesbian Cohabitation – 36-46% of gay men in California are cohabiting – 51-62% of lesbians
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