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Paul Gilroy

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ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Paul GilroyFriday April 4 2014857 AMThe perception of culture is one in which we tend to unify toward It is something that is sealed off to us it is my culture and it is seemingly untouchableCulture tends to be presented as hermetically sealed it is selfcontained in the minds of its participantsIn reality theres no such thing as an autonomous culture no culture is isolated from an outside influenceoWe can draw from this that there is no fullyformed identityCoupled with this is the identity of nationalism People come to this identity fall into the trap of belief in autonomy and their nationalism eventually leads to discrimination toward those that are not from or appear to be from that groupEthnocentricity plays a large role in the article It is the idea that your ethnicity is the primary and therefore superior set out therecultural insiderismAn absolute sense of ethnic differenceoOften leads to national exceptionalismContact Zon
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