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Chapter 8 Study Guide

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Chapter 8 1.According to Solomon and Corbit's theory of emotions, after you have experienced an intense fear as a result of a robbery attempt, you will experience ______. Relief 2. The opponent-process theory of emotion has been used to explain: Addiction to certain drugs like heroin and amphetamines 3. Is there any research support for the saying, 'Put on a happy face, and the world seems like a better place'? Yes, Ekman's research seems to support the idea that feedback from facial muscles does relate to emotional feelings. 4. The GAS consists of three images: an alarm reaction, a resistance stage, and an ________________. Exhaustion stage 5. Most contemporary researchers feel that an adequate definition of stress must take ________, _________, and ____________ into account: Physiological responses, Psychological responses and External stressors 6. Inducing experimental participants to smile led them to report _____________ feelings. More-positive 7.According to the ________________ theory of emotions, the key process in emotional arousal is how important we interpret feedback from our bodies in light of our present situation. Schachter-Singer 8. The __________________________ states that the same body state of arousal can lead to a variety of emotions depending on an individual's interpretation. Schachter-Singer theory 9. Which theory of emotion proposes that differences in physiological arousal during individual emotions are minor and that cognitions play the major role in determining the emotion felt? Schachter-Singer 10.According to the Schachter-Singer theory, people will do what if physiological arousal is induced artificially through the use of drugs? Experience an emotion if there is something to which they can attribute the emotion to. 11. Charles Darwin 1872 believed that many of our emotions are expressed by our facial expressions and that these expressions are ________________________. inherited, universal traits 12. The fight-or-flight reaction provides ___________ for muscular activity, which is used to fight or flee the danger. More energy 13. When compared to TypeApeople, Type B people tend to be more: relaxed, easy going, and not driven to achieve perfection 14. The two TypeAtraits that seem to play an especially important role in coronary heart disease are: hostility and expression of aggression 15. Highest blood pressure readings have been recorded among residents of: high-stress areas 16. Stress affects the immune system by: suppressing it, causing the body to b
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