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Psych 10/24/12 Class 20 Depression: Sense of loss of future – Steps to cope and adjust effectively: – Realize every unexpected stressful event is not possible to predict or control – Realize that in any situation are action choices – Prepare for more likely stressors (school demands, job pressures, decisions, etc) Loneliness: Sense of unwanted isolation or separation from others – Realize that everyone feels lonely sometimes – Build meaningful relationships Social Support – Contact: Being with someone is the most popular way to cope with stress – “Close relationships predict health.” (Dr. David Meyers, 2002) Social Isolation – Athreat to health – Presence of others after serious illnesses increases survival rates – Especially for men and lesser extent for women – Petting animals can greatly reduce physiological effects of stress on them Using cognitive responses to stress Stress inoculation training – Education, Rehearsal,Application – ERA 1) Education – Awareness that stressors happen – Understand responses to stressful events – PersonalAwareness of response to stress 2) Rehearsal – Learn to use positive cognitive self statements – Monitor stress reactions – Shift to more effective coping strategy 3) Application – Use new skills in relatively low stress situations – Evaluate applications for effectiveness – Modify self statements when necessary Hobfoll's Conservation of Resources (COR) Loss Reduction Model – Deals with loss, threat of potential loss, or no gain of resources – First, rank by importance any available resources – Then, develop a surplus of specific resources Coping Effectively with Stressors – Resiliency:Are you tough minded or tender minded? – Tough minded: Realistic practical people willing to admit problems exist – Tender minded: Use denial; not willing to handle problems realistically Must evaluate the stress situation – Defining the situation accurately – Categorizing the experience as similar or not Attack:Attempt to overcome stressor situation Withdrawal: Leave locati
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