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Nicholas Pearson

Class 14 – 03/13 Chapter 8 – Obedience Majorities – Cause public compliance Minorities – cause private acceptance Conformity Re-Cap – Informal and Normative social influence – Joint goals of trying to “get it right” and “aiming to please” – Not just mimicking others – Try to figure out our appropriate role and then behave in line with it – Ultimately, its about construal (of reality) Compliance – Compliance occurs when we conform without really believing in what we are doing – Ex: police officer tells you to get out of the car and do some crazy task that doesn't make sense, but you do it anyway – Obedience is compliance in response to a specific command – Ex: teacher tells you to do an assignment Obedience to authority – Why do people do wrong things just because someone tells them to? More Frightening Possibility – Maybe everyone (you, me, our loved ones) has the capacity to act in evil ways, if subjected to certain kinds of orders Examples – Lt. William Calley and the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War – There were not viet kong people there, but he order all his men to kill the women, children and elderly anyway. Some listened and some refused. – Jim Jones: Jonestown mass suicide – Abu Ghraib Prison: – Iraqi prisoners were tortured by US troops at the prison – Guards claimed they were told to do so by superiors Putting it all together – The Milgram Studies “Obedience” – “Learni
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