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SOC 001

Culture  All humanly created physical objects and patterns of o Thinking o Feeling o Behaving o That are passed down from one generation to another among members of a society  Subculture- a segment of society that shares a distinctive pattern of norms and values which differ from the pattern of the larger society o Do foster culture about to “age out” live in a subculture?  Counter culture- a way of life that is predominantly different and opposed to the way of mainstream society  Demography- scientific study of population  The population of the US is 315 million  The population of the world is 7.06 billion  There are three factors affecting population growth o Birth  Total fertility rate  US=1.9 children  Replacement level fertility= 2.1 children  Fecundity- a women’s biological potential for reproduction o Death  Life expectancy- potential number of years a person can be expected to live based on year of birth  US= 78 (F-80, M-75)  Longevity- ability to resist death from year to year  Lifespan- oldest age to which members of a species can survive  First year of life is the greatest risk of death o Migration  More than half of the people admitted as legal permanent are already living in the US under  Temporary visa  Some other legal status  Or are undocumented  Four types of front door immigrants  Relatives- 63% of immigrants o Mexican permanent resident could expect to wait 7 years for their spouse and children  Foreigners and their family members who were admitted for economic or employment reasons o If half a million $ is invested  Refugees o 10% of immigrants o Have a well founded fear of persecution in their home country  Diversity category o Idea is to introduce more variety into the stream of
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