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Lecture 21

NROSCI 0081 Lecture 21: Methamphetamine and Caffeine

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April Dukes

Lecture 21 22717 Methamphetamine (cont.) Side effects o Meth psychosis o Hallucinations (auditory, but can include visual) o Leads to cell death in nervous system Lose brain volume o Tolerance Tolerance or sensitization can occur, depending on the pattern of use and the drug effect Tolerance (functional o Hyperthermic effects: rapid o Euphoria Sensitization o Psychosis Chances of methinduced psychosis increases the more you take amphetamines o Withdrawal Amphetamine is not associated with a medically serious withdrawal Symptoms include: Anhedonia inability to feel pleasure Anxiety Severe craving Deep depression Fatigue Paranoia Psychosis Bath Salts o Chemical derivatives (modifications) of amphetamine or cathinone o One of the psychoactive chemicals in bath salts is mephedrone This one is most common A bunch of different chemicals, not the same every time o Bath salts has similar effects as cocaine and amphetamine o Extreme side effects are commonly reported with bath salt use Caffeine Stimulant Most widely used psychoactive drug Belongs to family of drugs known as methylxanthines o Theobromine in chocolate o Theophylline in tea (also caffeine, which is also found in coffee) History
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