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Lecture 12

04:189:102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Miller Lite, Subliminal Stimuli, Greenwashing

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Brief Historical Overview
Advertising dates back to 2000 BCE Babylon - Wood & Stone Carvings
First newspaper ads in colonial America - 1704
Mid-1800s - Magazines carry ads
1850s - the industrial revolution - advertising goes national with patent medicines &
consumer goods, thanks to railroads linking the East Coast to the Mississippi River
Why manufacturers advertised in the early days - mid-1880s
Product Differentiation
Rise of the brand
Lead to strategies still used today:
Building and sustaining brand name recognition
Advertising Agencies
Newspaper Space Brokers - America’s first Advertising Agencies
Volney Palmer (1841, Boston)
N.W. Ayer & Son (1869, Philadelphia) - first full-service modern ad agency
Mega-agencies vs. Boutique agencies
Advertising Research
Market Research
Design + Ideas + Polls
Psychographics (Focus Groups) - attitudes, interests, beliefs, and motivations
Values and Lifestyles (VALS) Strategy:
Psychological factors to divide consumers into types
Marker niches
Consumer motivations: Ideals, Achievement, & Self-Expression
Persuasive Strategies
Subliminal advertising
Food people
Saturation advertising
Excessive repetition
Miller Lite - Tastes Great, Less Filling - 1973-1991
Famous-person testimonial
Plain-folks pitch - simplicity
Snob-appeal approach - the promise of social status elevation/maintenance
Hidden fear - sense of insecurity, anxiety
Bandwagon effect - FOMO
Irritation advertising - instant attention grabber
Association principle
Positive cultural value
Green marketing aka greenwashing
Product placement - the purchase of spaces for particular goods to appear in a TV show,
movie, or music video
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