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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Notes

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Communication and Information
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3 – 25 – 14 • Roadmap o Review o Comm. Major o Intro CQ#10 o Who am I? o 2 Views of Self o Development of Self Concept • Review: Non-verbal comm o Emblem  translatable equivalent • Overview comm major • How is it that the “self” is continually made & remade through the comm process? • Who am I? o Psychological traits  Introverted vs. extroverted  Compassionate vs. competitive  Efficient vs. easy-going  Nervous vs. confident o Social identities  Master social identities • For everybody • Always visible • Can always be made relevant regardless of context • Ex: race & sex  Situated social identities • Applicable to certain people only • Not always visible • Only relevant in certain situations o Interactional • Two Views of Self  Self as “personality” • Reality is “fixed”  Self as “constructed” through communication • Reality as “constructed”  Ps
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