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Lecture 10

01:713:202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Servant Leadership

Organizational Leadership
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Dr.Michelle Jefferson

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Chapter 10 - Servant Leadership
A. Introduction
A servant leader:
focuses on the growth and well being of the communities in which they belong
Main function is to help people produce good results by modeling and encouraging
behaviors and values that are both food for the individual and aligned goals of the group
Two mains aspects of servant leadership:
visionary - do the right thing
Implementation - do things right
Central idea of servant leader: one individual is committed to serve others
B. History of Servant Leader:
“Servant leadership” was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970
Lao-Tzu, 570 BC and 490 BC
Xenophon 460-354 BC
Chanakya 4th Century BC
Jesus 30-33 AD
C. Ten Principles of Servant Leadership:
1. Listening
Seek to listen respectfully to what is being said and is not what is being said.
2. Empathy
How people are vs. how they behave
3. Healing
4. Awareness
Often involved in examining themselves
5. Persuasion
Seek to convince others than coerce them
6. Conceptualization
Thinking beyond the day to day activities of the task
7. Foresight
Respect for the past, understanding for the present, and what the future should
8. Stewardship
9. Commitment to the growth of people
Believe that people are more important than the skills that they put on the table
10. Building community
D. Is It for You?
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