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Lecture 14

01:830:101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Motivation, Overjustification Effect, Junk FoodPremium

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Lawrence Jacobs

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Properties of Motivated Behavior:
Properties of motivated behavior:
–They are goal directed behaviors – motivated individuals keep working until
they reach their goal.
–If an individual varies the behavior and persists until reaching a goal, it is a
motivated behavior.
Motivation as an energy
–The word motivation is derived from the same root as “motion” – something
that moves an organism.
–It can be defined as what activates and directs behavior.
Drive theories
–Motivation is the physical and psychological process that drives us toward a
certain goal. If the pushcomes from within, it’s a Drive (internal conditions).
If it comes from outside/external’ sources, it’s Incentive (external
–A drive is a state of unrest or irritation that energizes one behavior after
another until one of them removes the irritation.
Drive-reduction theory proposes that animals strive to reduce their drives as
much as possible. Drive-reduction theory would predict that once all needs
have been met, the organism would become inactive.
Homeostasis – maintenance of biological conditions. It’s the equilibrium your
body must maintain to keep you alive. Hunger is a homeostatic drive that
makes fuel available to the body. Conditions such as temperature, hydration,
nutrition, and weight are maintained at a state of equilibrium.
•Incentive theories
Incentives are external stimuli that pull us toward certain actions.
–You eat because you are hungry and also because you are standing in front of
a restaurant offering appealing sights and smells of food.
•Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations
–An intrinsic motivation is a motivation to do an act for its own sake. It’s
stimulation or drive coming from within, an activity we enjoy and find
–An extrinsic motivation is based on the reinforcements and punishments that
may follow an action. We get motivated by external forces, not within self.
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