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Lecture 2

01:830:321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pluralistic Ignorance, Social Influence, Collectivism

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Social Influence Part 2
Major Influence:Group Size
Conformity increases with group size but only up to a point
Law of demising returns
Perception that others are either in collusion or spineless sheep
Awareness of Norms
Conform only when know about the focus on social norms
Often misperceive what is normative
Pluralistic ignorance
Members of a group who think that they have different perceptions, beliefs or
attitudes from the rest of the group
Adjust their attitude
Having an Ally in Dissent
When there was an ally, conformity dropped by almost 80%
More difficult to stand alone than with others
Any dissent can reduce the normative pressures to conform
Cultures differ in the extent to which people adhere to social norms
Factors that determine whether a culture becomes individualistic or collectivistic
Complexity of the society
Affluence of the society
Heterogeneity of the society
Minority Influence
Process by which dissenters produce change
Fist accumulate idiosyncrasy credits
Moscovici: nonconformists derive power from the style of their behavior
Consistent dissent approach
How Does Minority Influence Work
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