BIOL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Aminopeptidase, Blood Plasma, Amylase

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16 Jan 2018
Biology 102
Unit 4 Review
1. ____Simple________________ An epithelial tissue that would consist of a single layer
of cells would be known as what?
2. _____Stratified_______________ An epithelial tissue consisting of many layers of cells
would be called what?
3. ____Squamous________________ Flattened or scale-like epithelial cells are described as
4. ___Cuboidal_________________ Square or box-shaped epithelial cells are given what
5. _____Fibrous Connective Tissue_______________ The category of connective tissue in
which tendons and ligaments would be placed.
6. _____Fat_______________ Another name for adipose tissue.
7. ____Bone Cells________________ What are osteocytes?
8. _______Cartilage Cells_____________ What are chondrocytes
9. ______Cartilage______________ A flexible connective tissue that would have much of
the protein chondroitin in its intercellular matrix.
10. ____Involuntary________________ Would smooth muscle be voluntary or involuntary?
11. ______Striated______________ Would skeletal muscle be striated or smooth?
12. _____Heart_______________ Where would cardiac muscle be found?
13. ______Axon______________ The portion of a nerve cell that carries an impulse away
from the nerve cell body.
14. _____Myelin Sheath_______________ A fatty sheath found around the axon of some
nerve cells that insulates and speeds up the rate of an impulse.
15. ____Monosaccharides________________ Within the carbohydrate family, what would
glucose, fructose, and galactose be considered?
16. _____Amino Acids_______________ What is the basic monomer or building block of a
17. _____Triglycerides_______________ Saturated and unsaturated fats would belong to
what class of lipids?
18. ____Nucleic Acids________________ DNA and RNA belong to what class of
19. ______Polysaccharides______________ Starch and glycogen would belong to what class
of carbohydrates?
Indicate from which gland or organ the following enzymes are produced and secreted:
(pancreas, stomach, small intestine, liver, salivary glands)
20. _______Stomach_____________ pepsin
21. _____Salivary Glands_______________ amylase (two answers)
22. ______Pancreas______________
23. _____Pancreas_______________ trypsin
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