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BUS3 161B
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Chapter 2 - Stakeholders, Managers, and Ethics Organizational Stakeholders 1. Stakeholders: people who have an interest, or stake in an organization, in what it does and how well it performs 2. Inducements: rewards such as money, power, and organizational status 3. Contributions: the skills, knowledge and expertise that organizations require of their members during task performance 4. Chart Stakeholder Contribution to Organization Inducement to Contribute Inside Shareholders money and capital dividends/stock Managers skills salaries, bonuses, status Workforce skills wages, bonuses, promotion Outside Customers revenue quality/price of goods Suppliers quality inputs revenue from purchases of inputs Government rules gov. good business pracetices fair/free competition Unions free/fair bargaining equitable share of inducements Community social/economic infrastructure revenue/taxes/employment General Public customer loyalty/reputation national pride Organizational Effectiveness: Satisfying Stakeholders 1. Conflict of goals between Stakeholders ɾ Goal is to find balance of between inducements and contributions ɾ While some stakeholders have more priority than others, organizations must minimally satisfy the interest of all groups 2. Problems faces when trying to win stakeholders approval ɾ Competing Goals ▸ how much emphasis is places on shareholders? ɾAllocating Rewards ▸  rewards can determine motivation in form of contributio
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