COM 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Interpersonal Communication, Vertical Integration, Inedia

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Communications Lecture Notes
Communication: Process of humans sharing messages
Mass Communication: then, consists of messages transferred world-wide and to
widespread audiences
Media Literacy: ability to understand and effectively utilize media which involves
understanding the effect media can have on you/society overall
Media Criticism: The analysis/dissection of the effects media can have on individuals,
societies, and culture
Main form of criticizing is feedback or a message thats returned from the receiver of
message to the source
If feedback or communication is interfered with its called noise can be either
psychological (daydreaming) or environmental (loud sounds)
Communication shared through mediated communication- in which messages have
shared through a medium instead of face to face. Medium or device varies
Producers of all these messages/communications are considered gatekeepers
They make the decision on which messages will be delivered, how, when.
Medicated interpersonal communication: sharing of personal messages through some sort
of device. Ex: phone, call, text or email
When messages/communications begin to meld together its considered convergence or
converging 3 Types of Convergence
Media companies also grow through group ownership, in which one company owns the
same type of medium in multiple markets
These businesses come together its leads to a whole bigger than its parts. This is
considered synergy. Synergy leads to cross merchandizing when selling the product in
one form promotes sales in another
As the media joins together and gets larger, the message gets louder and it can begin to
impose itself, leading to potential cultural imperialism, in which a nations customs are
displaced with those of another country Ex: Why music in the USA is big in some other
countries too
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