Hearing Aids & Assisted Listening Devices

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Communication Sci & Disorders
CSD 212

-Candidacy -Audiometric tests used as predictor for success -Configuration of HL — mildly sloping -High word discrimination score -Patient motivation -Not easy to adjust to amp. -Transition period -Not there @ spouse/parent request -Basic hearing aid components -Electroacoustic device -Acoustic energy —> elec. signal -Elec. signal made louder -Converted back to acous. signal, delivered to ear canal -Microphone -Amplifier -Battery -Volume control -Receiver -Classification of hearing aids by size -Body aid -More popular in past -Still used today on profoundly deaf infants -Distance reduces feedback -Eyeglass aid -Not very common today -Early attempt @ making aids less noticeable -Behind-the-ear -Circuitry housed in plastic casing -Aid coupled to ear via ear hook, tubing, ear mold -Severe/profound losses or children w/ any degree -Advantages: sturdier, can fit more circuitry, less prone to breakdown -Disadvantages: cosmetics, bulky, comfort (mold very comfortable) -Open fit BTEs -New trend -Non-occluding ear tip -Not custom ear mold -Feedback controlled w/ new tech -In-the-ear -Circuitry housed in plastic molded shell -Most common one sold today -Variations in size -1/2 shell, in-the-canal, completely-in-the-canal -Advantages: cosmetics, pinna &/or ear canal resonance, comfort -Disadvantages: ear wax, moisture, body heat, fewer components -Classification of hearing aids by circuit type -Circuit choice = greatest influence on sound quality -All circuits fit into any size aid -Conventional analog -Standard analog amp. -Longest available -Ltd. flexibility -Comes w/ trimmer pots (adjust certain parameters: freq., gain) -Least expensive ($600ish) -Programmable analog
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