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January 28 Lecture Notes.docx

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PHI 192
Ben Bradley

January 28 Lecture Notes PHI 192 Error Theory and J.L. Mackie Mackie’s Error Theory: Moral sentences are capable of being true or false, but they are always false because there are no moral facts (Nihilism) • Nihilism is the claim that there are no moral facts • They are false because they imply the existence of something that doesn’t exist o “You are a witch” is false because witches do not exist. Argument from Relativity: • 1) Different societies have different moral codes. • 2) If different societies have different moral codes, then Realism is not true. • 3) Therefore realism is not true. • In Modus Ponens logical argument format, thus it is valid • “Societies have different sets of beliefs because they have different influencers acting on them” is a better explanation than “Societies have a different set of morals because some misperceive the moral facts while others do not.” • Moral code is a set of beliefs tha
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