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Personality Psych

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PSY 393

1Chapter 9 Biological ApproachIntroduction to Biological ApproachWe are biological CreaturesanimalsTwo main areas of Biological ApproachoGenetic Determinates of PersonalityBehavioral GeneticsEvolutionary Psychology all life has undergone a changeoComplex Biological Systems producing Human BehaviorWhat does the structure of the brain tell us about human behaviorTo what degree is personality a matter of chemistryPersonality and ConstitutionConnecting our personality to the physical makeup of our bodiesHippocrates and GalenGreek PhysiciansoHippocratesBrain was responsible for our thoughts and behaviorsoGalenFOUR HUMORS Humorbodily fluid believed to produce a particular behavioral traitThese humors cause temperamentsFour Temperamentspersonality stylesNatural outcome of your compositionoHow humors are balancedoDo not choose or decidePhrenology Franz Joseph GalloPersonality traits were located in specific parts of the brainoStudy irregularities of peoples external skulls and relate these to psychological characteristicsDeficits and abilities would show in the skulloEEG studies ModernSearch for electrical patterns within personalityMore electrical activity in certain regions depending on personality typeTemperament ModelTemperament oStable behavioral dispositions that are present at birthoBabies arent born with major personalities but they are born with somethingoHow youre engagingoHow you respond to situations and what situations can you find certain people inoSimilar to how we think of personalityDiffer from person to personNotHow vs Which2oHow fast or slow you talk in a social settingoHow nervous and composed are youAspects of temperamentoIndividual differencesoPresent in early lifeBabies being different in interactionSome explore and some stay close to what they knowClassify more specifically around the age of one years oldWe can see theyre personalitybut actually talking about temperamentoHeritable basisWe believe you inherit itBecause its present in babies you havent learned itoImplications Influences eventual personality developmentPredisposed to personalityEAS Model BussPlomin oEmotionalityIntensity of emotional reactionsHigh quick temper and snappyHow intense are these emotions when you have themChildren that always cry quickly and frequentlyFrequently frightened easilyQuick with their reactionsoActivity LevelGeneral level of energy outputFidget and squirm when they need to be sitting stillHighsturn into adults who are always on the goDescriptors when talking about activity levelVigorlevel of intensityTempospeed at which performYou can be one or the other or bothoSociability General tendency to affiliate and interact with othersHigh seek out others to play withEnjoy being around peopleAdults more likely to have lots of friends find themselves in more social situationsOther temperamentsoImpulsivitySomeone that gets easily boredActiveAct without thinkingToo much cognitive abilitymaturity an foresight to think that they come into the world with thisoAggressivenessSome kids hit and bite on playgroundTemperamentPersonality RelationshipoMultiple factorsEnvironmentExperiencesEmotional baby and parents teach them ways to calm down when youre about to roar count to fouroCausal force
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