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Lecture 3

SPM 325 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Dak Prescott, Serena Williams, Aaron Rodgers

3 pages75 viewsSpring 2018

Sport Management
Course Code
SPM 325
Dennis Deninger

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SPM 325!
Fan Connections:!
I. Sports Public Relations!
A. Identify, establish and maintain beneficial relationships!
B. Generate favorable publicity and minimize unfavorable publicity !
C. Communications is an eective brand building tool!
1. It creates interest and inventory that can generate revenue !
II. All sports are “contact sports”!
A. Every point of contact you have with the Sports Product leaves you with an impression,
or creates a “sensation”!
B. Every Brand Extension is a “point of contact,” an opportunity to communicate !
1. media coverage!
2. merchandise !
3. video games!
4. music!
5. food and beverage!
6. websites and social media !
7. tickets!
8. programs, books!
9. fantasy / statistics!
10. mascots!
III. Communications connections!
A. All components combine in the fan’s mind to form a personal representation of each
sports product!
B. Each core element and product extension of sport provides an opportunity for
1. It’s the responsibility of the Communications and Marketing teams to put them to
use for the advantage of the sports organization!
IV. Sensation Transference (Louis Cheskin)!
A. People transfer the sensations and impressions they get from the packaging of a
product to the product itself!
B. On an unconscious level, people do not distinguish between product and package !
C. The product = the package and the product combined!
V. Fan Entryways!
A. Participation: you played or still play!
B. The on-site experience!
C. The media (most prolific) !
D. Word of mouth: phone, text, internet!
E. Mentors: connect through parents, coaches!
VI. What are you “decision factors”!
A. Buying a ticket / attending in person!
1. Schedule, record, stars, price, seat, facility, weather, trac, parking, food!
B. Watching on TV!
1. Schedule, access to game feed, matchup, stars, pictures, analysis, audio,
C. Internet / mobile sports coverage!
1. Accuracy, attitude, speed, content depth, video access!
D. Fantasy sports!
1. Social connections, free! user ease, amenities, info access, interactivity!
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