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Texas A&M University
HIST 226

I. Why did Texas give up its independence and join the U.S.? a. 1843: Renewed efforts for Tx’annexation to US 1. Texas is financially unstable i. TX debt - approaching 10 million 2. Texas is thinly populated i. In 1836 - 40k people ii. In 1845 - 125k people iii. Worried about protection 2. Militarily - fending off attacks i. Indians - Comanche, Wichita ii. Mexicans that are upset about TX breaking away ***Too many factors, TX won't survive*** By July 1843 to get Mexican Gov't to agree to peace Houston has assistance of British officials in TX and in Mexico British gets economic (TX cotton) out of helping TX Diplomatically - hope to get territory Hope that dispute is finally over that TX will give a piece of land to British for helping them = influence in NorthAmerica Sam Houston using British too Form alliance with British, U.S. doesn't want British in U.S. orAmerica and doesn't want TX to try and expand its borders further West, because U.S. wants to expand West Alliance with British is making U.S. nervous = them more open to annexing TX 1844 - U.S. President Campaign Annexing TX is a major issue/debate Important issue James Polk (expansionist) Wins, take office March 1845, 11th president Going to negotiate with TX about annexation By December 1845, TX becomes the 28th U.S. state b. Nov. 1845: Negotiations bet. Mexico and US fail 1. Foreign minister to Mexico from U.S., sent to negotiate territory (Slidell) i. 2nd Treaty of Velasco - article 4 talks about boundaries, MAKING boundary b/w U.S. (TX is apart) & Mexico the Rio Grande River, wants them to recognize ii. Purchase Northern Territories of Mexico (California-any price and Nuevo Mexico-5million) iii. Offers to forgiveAmerican land and financial plans claims against Mexico 1. Americans have land that was taken over by Mexican 2. Property that was destroyed in TX Revolution 3. ONLY IF YOU SELL US THE TERRITORY ii. MEXICANS are offended that Slidell thought they would sell their territory 1. Rio Grande River border- Treaty of Velasco isn't in effect (NO DISCUSSION) ***Neither side is satisfied with negotiations**** c. Jan 1846: US precipitates the Mex-Am War (1846-1848) 1. Polk order army General Zachary Taylor to head to mouth of Rio Grande River i. To begin building a fort on Rio Grande River (Begins by March 1846) ii. Polk is basically saying U.S. doesn't care what Mexico thinks 1. Territory b/w (Corpus Christi River) and Rio Grande belongs to U.S. 2. April 1846- Mexico cross Rio Grande and attack (1st act of War U.S. building fort MEXICAN view) 3. SomeAmericans supported, others didn't 4. Polk decides by mid- May to ask for Congress's support to start a War with Mexico i. Claims Mexico has killedAmericans onAmerican territory ii. Mexicans attacking U.S. troops (1st act of War U.S. view) 2. May 1846 - U.S. declares War d. The Mexican American War 1.Manifest Destiny ideal explains the motivation to go to war a. Painting b. Point of image - progress is being brought West (ships=trade, railways, telephone lines, stage coach) c. Angel is U.S. d. NativeAmericans are supposed to set aside ***impression: Mexicans haven't done enough to develop land*** Excludes AfricanAmericans, and NativeAmericans 2. U.S. launches three-p
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