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Texas Secedes and Texas during the Civil War.docx

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HIST 226

I. Slavery leads to the secession of TX a. Slaveowners hold firm control in TX: Economically, Politically, and Socially i. Slaveowning Population 1840 - 2,203 1860 - 21,878 I.Slaveholding Households (5-6ppl/household) (120k men, women, &children) 180 - 27% of slaveholding households own 73% of real/personal property in TX (land, building, farm equipment, furniture) i.90% of Slaveowners come from Southern States ii.6% of Northern States iii.3% are Foreign-born iv.POLITICALLY 1.1860- 68% political office holders in TX ii.Slave owning had become the foundation of TX society by 1860 iii.Slaveowners had the highest social status 1.Children go to best schools 2.Most money i. Slave uprising (Va) & Texas Troubles, 1859- 60 1. John Brown (white man) 1. Lead 20 men (black and white) in revolt 2. Wanted to end slavery in the U.S. South 3. Stole weapons from an armory 4. Tried to go out and stop slavery 5. Attempt was foiled by U.S. army 6. Captured, Tried, and executed 2. Big deal 1. Concern and fear that it may occur again 2. TEXAS TROUBLES 1. July 1860 2. Made connection b/w two 3. Series of fires that started in July and ended in Sept. a. Dallas region b. Fires are breaking out c. Drought, temperature is terrible d. Denton e. Jefferson f. Buildings and farms go up in flames g. Newspapers suggesting that it was slaves h. New match - a "phosphorus matches" i. Not safe match causes random burnings 2. Few traveling ministers 3. Gossip about a slave uprising 4. Put ministers on trial - they were blamed 5. Fires enhance fear about slave uprisings 6. KY, TN, MD - border states of the South a. Slavery isn't as important 2. 1860- GA, AL, MS slavery still going strong a. TX, AR 2. Slavery isn't as strong i. The rise of the Republicans, 1856-1860 1. Born in 1856 2. Founded 1. To oppose extension of slavery into Western Territories 2. Concern about slavery because of influence in Congress 1. More slave states they will control everything 2. Kansas Nebraska Act 1. 1854 2. Open to slavery by popular sovereignty 3. South is looking to expand 4. North is concern about political power and also angry a. Favors south 2. Stephen Douglas 3. The Republican Party founded a. Base in Northern U.S.
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