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I. Texas Demographics, Early 20th century a. 1865 TX pop 604k b. 1900 3million - 83% rural c. 1920 4.7 million - 66%rural 34 urban d. Houston/Dallas why progressivism emerge e. Moral corruption/ lots of saloons and gambling I. Progressivism Defined: Who were they? What issues? What solutions? a. Women, middle class professionals (teachers), some small businessmen b. Getting rid of corrupt political practices and unethical behaviors c. Social reforms d. All felt society wasn't operating at its best e. Concerned with railroad that are under strict control f. Solutions: i. Banning alcohol ii. Gov't create more commissions or more oversight over businesses or railroad iii. Better city organized governments: distributing power I. Progressives v. Populists a. Progressives are social reformers above all b. Populists are economic reformers above all i. Did try to recruitAfricanAmericans b. Progressives: i. Mostly a middle class movement ii. Look down on lower/working class iii. Condescending iv. Started schools 1. Wanted them to be just like them ii. HELP pass a Poll Tax 1. Couldn't trust poor people to vote 2. 1.50 or 1.75 to vote ii. Role models of society should be middle class iii. Women's suffrage iv. Reform movement for white's only I. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and civic reforms a. 6,000 people from Galveston b. 8,000 to 10,000 from surrounding areas c. Who would be in charge wouldn't be mayor would be a city commission (5 members) i. All were experts in a specific field ii. Pull together different people could better help b. Spread outside of TX (Iowa) c. 1907-1918 had about 500 cities all over U.S. adopting city commission
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