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Lecture 21

NRSC 335 Lecture 21: Sleep and Neuroanatomy

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NRSC 335
Stephen Maren

Does Hypothalamus Set Sexual Orientation? Appetitive versus consummatory stages of motivation Appetitive stage = seeking and striving for incentive Consummatory stage = consummate motivation (consume, complete behavior) Copulation, eating, etc. Hypothalamic Lesion Consummatory effect Male rat trained to press bar for receptive female in estrous Copulates when accessible After SDNPOA hypothalamic lesion Still presses bar to gain access Fails to copulate SDN POA lesion blocks consummatory phase Leaves appetitive sexual motivation intact Amygdala and Human Desire Men and women shown sexual pictures (heterosexual couples) in scanner Pictures selected to appeal to women Pictures evoked equivalent levels of arousal Males show greater amygdala activation than females Similar striatal activation in both sexes Rewards Food, sex, drugs, brain stimulation reward All blocked by Lateral hypothalamic lesions Dopamine antagonists; opioid antagonists Common Neural currency Natural rewards activate Mesolimbic dopamine pathway Nucleus accumbens in striatum Opioid sites Rewarding Drugs Activate
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