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Lecture 13

SOCI 230 Lecture 13: SOCI 230 Weber- Stratification

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SOCI 230
Prechel Harland

SOCI 230-902 Weber Stratification: Class, Status, Party I. Intro a. Weber’s theory of stratification i. Identified the sources of inequality ii. Conceptualized stratification as a component of the social structure. Stratification provides order by linking people together into a coherent whole b. Examples: organizations have hierarchy of statuses and roles that link people together that result in pattern of behavior i. social structure c. although society is more complex than an organizations, it also arranges people into hierarch of statuses and roles that result in pattern of behavior i. social structure d. at the conceptual level, distinguished between class status and party as dimensions of stratification (sources of power) e. power = actor will be able to realize own objectives/interest/agendas against opposition from others in social relationship f. At empirical level, position in power system affected by the 3 dimensions of social power. One dimension is usually more evident/pronounced at certain period of time g. framework allows understanding of how basis of stratification changes by time and location II. Class a. Group of people whose life chances (positions in stratification system) determined by possession of goods and opportunities to accumulate income in market b. Relationship to market affect opportunities c. * Differently, Marx defined class as relationship to efficient means of production d. Class shares the same class situation of life chances because of unique/similar relations to market e. 4 main classes: i. Working class (manual) Small business ii. Small business owner (weber called it: petty bourgeoisie – failure rate is high
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