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Lecture 8

THAR 201 Lecture 8: Sanskrit Theatre

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 201

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Natyasastra: Part of the Vedas (Holy Text)
First full and complete dramaturgy text
o A text that talks about the theory behind theatre (why and how)
From 200 BCE-200 CE
o is now rip
Written by Bharata Muni
o 100 sons: The very first actors
o The defeat of the demons by the hindu gods
Bharata now means actor
Kalidasa 3rd or 4th century CE
The Shakespeare of Sanskrit
Bhava= Embodiment
Done by the actor
Rasa= Taste
felt by the audience
Kutiyattam: The oldest form in Indian history
Performed in koothambalam only
o located in temples
Only certain Hindu's from a certain caste could watch
One peformance could take up to 40 days
17th century
o Utilizes face paint
o Tells what character they are playing
o Green=God
o White=spirituality
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