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Lecture 9

THAR 201 Lecture 9: Noh and Society

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 201

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Samurai: Paid fighters
Overthrow emperor
Loyal to Shogun
Chonin: Everyday workers
Ronin: Samurai who doesn't have a Shogun
Very dangerous
White washing: When you erase the ethnic identity of a character so they can be played as a
white person
Noh and Performance
"In drama something happens; in Noh someone appears"- Paul Claudel
You go to contemplate: Think deep heavy thoughts
Gestic Acting
Monomane: Idea that an actor will imitate the essence of a character
Yugen: Grace
o Idea that the actor will become a thing of beauty
Zeami Motokiyo: 1363-1444
Teachings on Style and the Flower (1408)
o Teaching of age of Noh
A mirror Held o the Flower (1424)
o Interplay between spiritual development,physical, and spiritual acting style
Principle of 7/10: States that a Noh actors party, they need to have a '10' on their energy.
Their outward presence needs to be a 7. They need to have some restraint
o Leads to better performance
Kept his training a secret.
Structure of a Noh Play
1647: Codified. All plays will be the exact same
The tale of Genji and The tale of Heike
o All Noh's originate from these 2 books
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