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Lecture 3

THAR 280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Fokker E.Ii

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 280

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Ritual and Theatre
1. Is a well-defined sequence of words and actions designed to focus attention, establish
significance and achieve a beneficial result, must have significance to the participants,
make connection
a. Not a routine, must have significance
b. Mark the beginning of events
b.i. Baby showers
c. The ending of life
c.i. Irish wake: pictures, drunk, sing, remember the dead
d. The completion of important tasks or performances
d.i. Graduation ceremonies
e. The transition of one state or time period to another
e.i. Birthday parties, baptisms, anniversaries
f. The making of connections
f.i. Marriage ceremonies, shaking of hands in Methodist churches
2. Functions of Ritual
a. As a form of knowledge
b. Didactic or intended to teach a lesson
c. Influence or control (the world around you or a group)
d. To glorify (a deity, a thing)
e. To entertain and give pleasure (catharsis: emotional release)
e.i. Funeral: helps those still alive cope with the dead, way of moving on
e.ii. Needing a good cry
3. Rituals 3 Major Concerns
a. Pleasure
b. Power
c. Duty
4. Aggie Examples
a. Muster
b. Silver Taps
c. Ring Dunk
d. Bonfire
e. Midnight Yell
5. Components of Ritual
a. Requires an audience
b. Requires an audience participants
c. Have music or dance or chanting
d. Mask and costumes were used
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