GEOG 102 Lecture 2: lecture 2

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Geography and Environmental Planning
GEOG 102
Alan P.Marcus

9) For certain cultural groups, globalization appears to have intensified ______ in some of the same ways it has intensified nationalism --------- RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM 10) Why would a contemporary urban society in the global north have low birthrates? ------- BECAUSE THE AVAILABILITY OF BIRTH CONTROL AND THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE - What Is Geography? ● o Description of the Earth ● o spatial art and spatial science ● o Study of spatial variation – what is the distance between here and there - Core Geographical Concepts: ● o Location, direction, distance ● o Size and scale ● o Physical and cultural attributes ● o The changing attributes of place ● o Interrelations between places - Latitude and longitude ● o Longitude is LONG (side to side) ● o Lattitude is (up and down) - 5 Themes of Geography: ● o Location- ○ Defined into 2 types (absolute and relative) ■ Absolute- coordinate ■ Relative- something subjective to something else ● o Movement- ○ People ■ Particularly forced because of weather ■ Migration theories ○ Ideas ■ Intellectual (political) ○ Commerce ■ Transportation (economics) ● Region ○ (Ex. Middle East) ● o Human- Environmental Interaction- ○ Interacting with nature ○ Recycling ● o Place- ○ Human made ○ Physical ○ Natural landscape - Types Of Economic Activity ● o Primary- ○ Direct use of natural resources ■ agricultural (coal mining or fishing) ● o Secondary- ○ Receiving or purchasing of raw materials and transforming them into serviceable goods ■ making s
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