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October 7th

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David Ekbladh

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The French Revolution In America - Constitution - - Often viewed as a holy document - Cult of the fathers- the founding fathers viewed as perfect thinkers - - In the context of the time, the fathers were flexible and documents were not meant to be seen as perfect by future generation - Washington's Farewell Address - The French Revolution - - Politics- King ignores third estate (bourgeoisie- lawyers ect) - - Tennis courts- constitution - Declarations of the rights of man - - Inalienable rights - based on US declaration of independence and rhetoric of american revolution - US not only a receptacle for ideas but, other countries getting ideas from the US as well - King finally forced to give into demands - - world excited about this - Other european powers excited to see french king in trouble - concerning to other monarchist, core monarchy system being challenged - Tension between king, nobles, conservatives, and assembly - King attempts to flee, brought back and imprisoned - Beheaded - Sparks a sense of revolution throughout the world - - Bolshevik - cuban - second american revolution (civil war) - Opportunity seen both domestically and internationality - The emerging party system in America and the revolution in france - - party in term of political interest and
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